Laminar Lip



I recently added the Laminar Lip ( to my FJR in an attempt to smooth out the notoriously turbulent airflow that is created by the stock windshield. They make sizes for a great number of motorcycles, and they attach easily using 3M Dual Lock fastners (think: industrial strength Velcro). They include extra Dual Lock “buttons” so you can try different mounting locations on your windshield to get your desired protection / airflow.  I think I have settled on the position shown in the photos below.  The airflow around my head (with the windshield in the lower positions) is much smoother with no head buffeting now. When it is extended to its fully raised position, I get wind protection approaching that of a Goldwing.  OK, maybe that is a bit of an exaggeration, but it is still pretty impressive.  The only downside is that the airflow that used to find its way into the chest vents of my leather jacket is now redirected smoothly up around my shoulders.  This reduces the cooling effect I used to count on from those vents, but I have found that by unzipping my sleeves, I can get sufficient airflow up through the jacket and out the back vents.

All in all, I think it was a worthwhile investment.  I know not everyone agrees, and some think that the add-on looks kludgey compared to a Cee Bailey’s, Rifle or other after market replacement windshield, but I don’t think it looks that bad. Then again, I have always been more about function over form. You can be the judge for your own situation. As they say: YMMV.

With rider, down position

With rider, mid way position

With rider, up position

Close up - up position

Cockpit view

Laminar lip - windshield in down position

Laminar Lip - windshield in up position

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