Brake Flasher



This was one of my first farkles.  While the FJR has a great tail light, and is very visible for anyone paying attention, the Brake Flasher ( attempts (and I think succeeds) to draw the attention of those following motorists who might not be focused on what you are doing. Unlike other flashing aux lights, this on is not wired to your brake light system.  In fact, it is self powered, and is activated by inertia under braking.  You can adjust the sensitivity to your style of riding, but I have mine set to flash only under hard braking (i.e. in emergency situations). It uses a small internal mercury switch that makes a connection when you are braking.  If I have any complaint about it, it is that regardless of how you adjust it, going over large bumps does cause it to flash.  Some have told me this is more annoying than helpful, but this is for people who know it is there and what it is for. I think for the average motorist, the intermittent flashing may still draw their eyes to the back of my bike, which should help shorten their reaction time should I have to get on the brakes.  It is a very affordable farkle, and if it prevents a rear end collision, I think it is well worth it.  Thatís my opinion.  You can form your own.

Here is a shot of the Brake Flasher while it is off:

Here is a picture of the Brake Flasher while it is flashing. I have to hold it up to simulate the inertia that would cause the internal switch to turn it on. Normally, this would only come on during hard braking:

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