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Here’s how I have my Magellan Meridian Gold mounted to my FJR1300. I used the handlbar mounting bracket from RAM ( It is high quality and built stout. The version I purchased came with a “U-bolt” to mount to your handlebars.  However, there was not really enough room on the handlebars to mount it on either side of the brake or clutch levers.  On the up side, the holes were positioned perfectly to be used as the backing bracket of either the brake or clutch lever, so I chose to put it on the left (clutch lever) side. I found that this put the ball joint in a very convenient place to mount the rest of the adjustable arm.  The arm and the housing that holds the GPS can be easily removed via a thumb screw on the arm portion of the mounting bracket, so you can stow the mount and / or GPS when you are not using it to prevent it from being stolen.  I typically pop the Meridian out of the mount and take it with me in my jacket pocket when I park the motorcycle for any length of time.

Installing this was without complication, although I had to find a couple of longer bolts to replace the stock bolts on the clutch lever, but I think the finished installation still looks pretty clean:

This shot shows just the ball portion of the bracket bolted to the clutch lever.


A view from the cockpit with the GPS in place.


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