My old 1986 FJ1200 is a magnificent bike, especially for it’s day. It even came with a handy locking helmet hook under the seat that made it simple to secure one’s helmet using the ignition key.  The 2004 FJR1300 improves on so many design features of the FJ1200, but somehow this simple device was overlooked. I have searched for a solution to this problem since I got the bike, and there are some good ones out there.  Most of them involve an after market bracket of some kind, sometimes attached to the license plate frame or elsewhere.  I have also seen some good ideas using some hand crafted metal hooks affixed to the frame rails under the seat. In my mind, I kept thinking there must be a simpler way, and I think I have found it.  Using “hook and loop” (a.k.a. Velcro (tm)) cable straps available at computer and office supply stores everywhere, you can see from the pictures below another option to quickly and securely stow your skid lid on your motorcycle.  These straps are handy for a number of tasks, and can be pressed into alternative service as need be when they aren’t holding your helmet. Let me know what you think!:
The blue strap shown is actually 2 straps connected in series.  See the package picture below for details. I fed the small end down the outside of the frame rail, and back up the inside, and then fed it through the slot in the strap.

Feed the small end of the strap up through the D-ring on your helmet, and fold it over until it attaches to the hook and loop fastener wrapped around your frame rail.  These type of straps have a high shear strength, which means that a would-be thief would not be able pull your helmet away once the seat is reattached.

This is what it looks like with the seat reattached. If done correctly, you can’t see the strap beneath the seat, and anyone trying to steal your lid would have to cut the chin strap to do it. 

Here are the straps that I used. These cost about:  $15.00 for a package of 25. So, each helmet strap (using 2 of these) costs $1.20. Not bad. There are many different similar options out there - YMMV.


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